Friday, February 26, 2010

Once Again, Vote for LiNK!

Dear Korean,

I wanted to ask if you could urge your readers to vote for us every day this week at We've been stuck in 4th place and we only have one week left to place in the top 2. Sunday is the last day to vote.

An easy way to get the word out is through our facebook group and cause. Here are some links that make it easier:

Esther L.

You heard the woman. Go vote!

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at


  1. I've been voting every day and telling friends to vote every day, but nobody else seems to understand the severity of the situation in the DPRK. And my one (Korean) friend criticized me for supporting the plight of "criminals". "Criminals" in the sense of people fleeing starvation and political repression and a crazy sauce dictator. "Criminals" in the sense of the Chinese government at least.

    There really isn't enough awareness in the west.

  2. Are you guys serious....DO NOT VOTE....We need to be aware who is ruling the world and what is really going on...

    OK let me test your knowledge of the world we live in.

    What does Pepsi means since it is on that site..Anyone?....There is no English word "pepsi"

    let me know i be around....once you find its meaning..i would be more than happy to would be shocked what it means? good luck


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