Friday, February 26, 2010

New York Times article about Kim Yu-Na's victory:
So intense was the interest in the Kim-Asada rivalry that Korean reporters and photographers began arriving at the arena 12 hours before Thursday’s competition, only to find that some of their Japanese counterparts had spent the night at the rink.


“I think the whole nation is in front of the television,” said John Moon, chief of staff of the South Korean Olympic Committee. “Kim Yu-na is the country’s special sister. Every athlete is important, but her medal is more important than the others. She is beautiful. She’s our pride. I think Koreans will have a lot of drinks.
Oh those Koreans and their drinking. :)

As Kim Raises the Bar, South Korea Delights (New York Times)


  1. Wow, someone in the article compares her to a horse. So inappropriate.

  2. If you followed horse racing at all you'd realize you're talking about a true legend of the horse racing world. No offense was intended I'm sure it was meant in the best of regards. They treat those horses like kings of kings...we'll except for the Japanese..

  3. Let me just say screw Rain or that dude in G.I.Joe or any other celebrities that Korea's PR machine trys to label as "hallyu" and shove down the world's throats.
    Kim Yuna is the only certified "hallyu" in my book. A billion plus people around the world watched her perform with grace, and heart. I don't know shit about figure skating but watching her made me a fan of the sport.


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