Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking for Translation Service

Dear Readers,

A significant portion of the questions that the Korean receives is simple translation. While the Korean answers those questions that take less than a minute to translate, he neither has the time nor energy to translate anything longer.

So if you can provide a translation service (for a fee or otherwise,) let the Korean know. After the Korean is assured of the quality of your work, your website will be sponsored at Ask a Korean! for free. This is a significant advantage, as AAK! could be earning thousands of dollars a year if the Korean chose to put up ads. The Korean will also refer your service to anyone who asks for any long translation, free of charge.

The Korean is looking for quality and consistency. If you would like to advertise your services, please make sure that you have the time and the commitment to follow through for at least 2 years.

Please leave a comment or email the Korean if you are interested.

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at


  1. My wife might be interested in doing translation as part-time work (she's experienced), but she's pregnant with our second child and, therefore, metaphorically and partially physically bogged down. I'll ask her tomorrow if she's interested in it, though!

  2. Although I am not in any way affiliated with this company, I know that Seoul Selection has a translating service that your readers might be interested in.

  3. There are any number of online free translation services you could just link to.

  4. No thanks. Remember, quality and consistency. The Korean does not want to endorse anything that he himself does not want to use.

  5. 안녕하세요! 나는 자카리예요. 마국사람은 그리거 한국말을 공부해요. Haha, still working on it. I'm not an expert in 한국어 or anything, but I have been studying now for a good solid three months every day, and I'm absolutely in love with the language. I would first really like to thank you for all of this information here on your blog I still need to swim through, I just found your website today. I work at the University of Arkansas as a computer labop so basically I sit around on computers day and night heh. I'm pretty sure I can answer most of the basic questions that I'm sure you get dealing with the language, and if something is a little too over my head I can either research into it or ask my Korean friend, 이 동수 who's helping me with pronunciation. The only thing is I'm obviously not any sort of "service" and I don't know the quantity of email you get, but it would be of the best possible quality. Anyway, thank you very much for your time.

  6. if people are just looking for an informal translation so they can get the general idea about a selected passage i notice that a lot of people throw English-Korean translation requests on Naver's 지식in. It's not perfect and you'd likely have to wait a few days, but the one's I've seen haven't been half bad. 한영 though you'll likely have to pay someone to get something reliable.

  7. You have some pretty glaring spelling issues Zachary. Keep trying.

  8. Would you care to enlighten me Tom?

    Thank you

  9. Zachary, the Korean can help you out. First, the Korean thinks your Korean is pretty good, especially if it's a result of a self-study. Please don't take this as an insult.

    Having said that...

    You probably wanted to say: "Hello! I am Zachary. I am an American and I study Korean."

    What you wrote: "안녕하세요! 나는 자카리예요. 마국사람은 그리거 한국말을 공부해요."

    Best translation: "안녕하세요! 는 자카리에요. 미국 사람이구요, 한국말을 공부하고 있습니다."

    (Suggested changes in bold.)

    Email if you want to know why the changes were suggested.

    1. Could you translate a couple notes for me

  10. tK I think colloquial Korean is a lot more difficult for a person just beginning to learn Korean.

    "안녕하세요! 저는 자카리입니다. 미국인이며, 한국어를 공부하고 있습니다."

    Well, when I learn a foreign language I start by learning the formal way of speech before ventuing in to the colloquial way of speech. But I guess that is just a matter of learning style~ Anyways good luck to you Zachary, you've just ventured into one of the most difficult languages to learn for an English speaker.

  11. correction: "ventuing in to"
    venturing into

  12. I would prefer translation agency for quality Korean translation. of course we could also provide :-)

    - Cosmic Global Limited

  13. You make me wish I had time! I'm one of those rare foreigners who make it the advanced stages of Korean. Oh well. =(


    Its a community for language learners, whenever I post an entry I always get like 5 different people correcting it. Much better than Google's weird translations.

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