Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Live Blogging Winter Olympics: February 23, 2010

Below are some of the Korean's impressions.

- The Korean Mother visited from Los Angeles, and we nearly forgot about the Winter Olympics while unpacking. Fortunately, the Korean Fiancee DVR'd the whole thing. She's the best. At 8:30 p.m., we are only 30 minutes behind the coverage.

- Cheltzee Lee, a daughter of a Chinese man and an African American woman, now representing Australia in figure skating. Globalization is awesome. She does very well.

- Women's bobsled. They should call those uniforms 민망 수트. The ladies' calf muscles are bigger than the Korean's head.

- The sleds look totally awesome, especially the American one. The Korean wants a car painted like that.

- NBC shows Yu-Na falling in practice this morning. She looks surprised after the fall, as if she's thinking: "This could happen to me?" The Korean is getting nervous.

- Mirai Nagasu, a Japanese American takes the ice, representing America in figure skating. Go immigrants. Go make America better.

- Nagasu's smile is very cute and super funny. Her eyes turn into a single line just like Japanese cartoons. She does well also, although going triple-double instead of triple-triple was a little disappointing. She also has a bloody nose.

- Pause in action, as the Korean must make a quick run to the nearby supermarket to pick up potatoes for the Korean Mother's superb 닭도리탕.

- Buy potatoes. Run back in the rain. New York weather blows.

- Women's ski cross. Ski cross is totally underrated. It's like short track with skis -- super fast, and disaster lurking in every corner.

- Holy crap! a French woman wipes out after a jump! I love this sport!

- Now they are showing the concerned daughter of the skier. The Korean feels like an ass. Local girl from Whistler wins the gold. Americans not even in the final round. Come on, America.

- 닭도리탕 is ready. Nordic combined skiing comes on. Perfect timing to not watch.

- Done eating, Americans lose to Austria in Nordic combined after leading the whole way. Come on.

- Men's giant slalom. Bode quits in the middle. Weak sauce, Bode. Meanwhile, the Korean quits pretending to help loading the dishwasher.

- Yes, finally! Mao Asada comes on. She looks good. Good music too.

- Triple axel... nails it.

- Audience is clapping to her music while the announcers keep quiet and let the moment speak for itself. Great sign for Mao.

- Yu-Na stands in the background. Hope she isn't getting nervous. Mao has been perfect so far.

- Crap. That was so good. 73.78 -- apparently a ten point improvement over her best performance this season. The Korean's hats off to Mao; the great ones rise to the ocassion. How are we going to beat that?

- Yu-Na comes on. Please, just don't fall.

- Good jump, good jump... whew, no falling...

- Bond theme comes on. Oh, the gun...

- Yu-Na is sexier than Mao. That will be the difference. The announcer notes her "sensuality" also.

- Yu-Na aims, shoots, and owns everyone's hearts. Magnificent. This will be close...


- Immediately update Facebook. Met with protests from West Coasters who were just beginning to watch. Blame the NBC, and be glad that you are not running out to get potatoes in the rain.

- Suzuki Akiko comes on. Not nearly as good as Yu-Na nor Mao.

- Suzuki sits down and waits for her score. The graphics say "78.51 to lead." That's absurd. Like anyone can do that.

- Joannie Rochette comes on. Only one that is even in the same league as Yu-Na and Mao at this point. The Korean only knew that her mother passed away just a few days ago after the fact. What a performance.

- Long day at work tomorrow; gotta sleep.

As a bonus, here is a video of Kim Yu-Na's Nike commercial running in Korea.

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  1. Ski cross has to be my favorite sport to watch at the Olympics. Though my parents seem to think me a little odd that I invest so much time into watching a sport where Korea does not have an athlete. Until they get a significant presence in ski cross, I will be rooting for Norway.

  2. Beware the city rain!
    You know what it supposedly does to your hair line :-P

  3. Betcha pissed off at Jim Hewish right?

  4. I heard that where you live, you only have one channel which shows the entire Olympic feature.

    This is true in Korea as of this year, I am not sure whether this will still be the case the next Olympics. This is unfortunate for the Korean public, since the commentator happens to be unqualified (by all accounts.)

    By the way, Kim Yu-Na "hwaiting!"

  5. The Korean Women's Short Track Team got robbed — absolutely robbed — yesterday. My heart goes out to the crestfallen girls that have dedicated their whole lives for this one event, only to have the glory taken away by some Aussie idiot.

    Also, way to "win" the bronze, America. Being a Korean American, I root for both the U.S. and Korea in any international event. Last night's performance, however, was an absolute embarrassment coming in almost a lap behind the other three teams. I strongly suggest that you return the medal. Pathetic.

    I'm pulling for Kim Yu-na to win the gold tonight. I just hope that she doesn't have to deal with some judge(s) with a penchant for sucking up to Japan.

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  7. Kim Yun A is the most clutch performer I have ever seen.

    How does anyone perform with the INSANE expectations of Koreans on their shoulders?

    I remember judging an art contest for Korean-American kids and the parents were furiously art directing their kids. (I am also Korean-American). There was incredible tension in the room for a first prize of A BOX OF CRAYONS

    Nobody does crazy competitive like Koreans.

  8. James,

    I completely agree that Kim Yu-na is one of the most clutch athletes in any sport. I dare put her up there above the Michael Jordans and Tiger Woods of the world when I consider the kinds of pressures and expectations that this young lady has had to deal with. Absolutely mind-boggling.

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I got a bit choked up watching her last night when she had just completed her performance and let out tears of sheer joy, relief, and (I'm sure) exhaustion.

    BTW, I feel that Mirai Nagasu should have won the bronze. Nothing against Rochette and her courage, but I believe that Nagasu skated much more cleanly and elegantly. Just my two cents.

  9. One thing, 닭도리탕 should be corrected to 닭볶음탕, since it's a Japanese-style word. 도리 means bird in Japanese.


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