Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Korean skaters are kicking ass in Vancouver!


  1. Looks like this will be known as "the worst Olypmics ever" according to much of the press.

    On the NBA side of sports, looks pretty bleak there as well, "Stern: NBA could lose $400M this season" and he mentions salary caps and a possible strike coming up after next year.

  2. Finally Koreans are winning medals in a sport other than short track! I'm wondering what will come of the fued between Korean short track skaters and Apolo Ohno.. I'm proud of the achievements made by Koreans, so far 4th in the overall medal standings~ Koreans take speed skating so seriously, and the Korean media tends to exxagerate matters. So the fact the Koreans did not sweep the 1500 meters = big dissapointment.

  3. I'm so happy that the Korean men won those medals! Now it's up to Kim Yuna to win some medals and boost up our medal count rank :)


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