Thursday, January 28, 2010

Important Announcement: Email Change

After years of tribulation with Hotmail, the Korean finally got sick of the ineffective spam filter and terrible search function. The Korean can now be reached at If you are waiting on a question, no worries -- all of the old emails are intact, and the Korean will continue going down the line.

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at (Note the change!!)


  1. welcome to post-dot-com-bubble.
    update your facebook account with the new email.

  2. The Korean did, but the Facebook badge is taking a while to update.

  3. Congrats. This change is about 5 years overdue. :) Hotmail is absolutely the worst.

  4. little tip, there is an mail cilent option to receive email from different provider (like hotmail) under setting -> accounts and import in gmail. very useful to get all your emails at the same place.

  5. .... I get my mail from hotmail, but not the spam ;D

    sorry for the double post

  6. true. it will grab any new mail from your hotmail account for 30 days...


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