Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Rainbow Hangouts?

The Korean is still a few weeks away from posting, but here is a chance for you to give your own answer in the comment section if you are in the target demographic:

Dear Korean,

I am a Chinese-American in his mid twenties who recently moved to New York city. I am interested in meeting some gay Korean guys. Do you know of any gay Korean bars in New York, especially Queens? Or do you have any suggestions on meeting gay Korean guys in New York?


Please don't limit yourself to New York, fellas. Info about any gay Korean hangouts are welcome.

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  1. Here's some about the Korea-based gay scene:

  2. I'm not too sure there are clubs/bars geared towards just gay Koreans in New York City, since that isn't exactly a high revenue stream for a bar to cater a specific race with a specific sexuality preference. There are plenty of gay bars in New York City though, that I'm sure Korean gays do frequent. You could always take your chances at meeting one at your normal Korean bars/clubs in New York City or Queens. Though in Queens, I think there is less of a chance.


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