Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Online Job Search

Dear Korean,

I am a KA, and I run a somewhat successful business doing IT consulting and have thought about trying to go international with it. I've Googled all over the place for jobs in Korea and the only thing that comes up are ESL jobs. As Internet saavy as I imagine mainland Koreans to be, do you know of internet resources that mainland Koreans check out when job hunting?

Anonymous Coward

Dear Anonymous Coward,

The Korean never had a job in Korea, nor has he ever searched for one. Readers, got anything?

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  1. I was wondering the same thing, so I asked a Korean friend a few months back. With his help, I found a job through

    You could also try or as I think they are more heavily used.

  2. Since you have you some English skills, I might check out for anything and everything of a professional nature. Some look for native speakers, while others want gyopo with dual-language skills among their other skills. is primarily for teachers, but also has some business / entertainment / IT jobs as well.

  3. Here's my contribution -

    Hope it is useful to you.

  4. Suggestion received via email --

    Dear Korean,

    If Anonymous Coward is mostly finding job listings for English teachers, it's a pretty safe bet that he's searching for jobs in English rather than in Korean. He may have better luck searching in Korean at a job portal like Beyond that, things get a bit tricky. The job market for expats in Korea is largely closed and reliant upon personal networks and word of mouth. The common paths to expat success are:

    1. Get transferred here with your current company and then get a better job through the personal network you build.
    2. Take a job teaching English and use your ample free time to build a network which you can later use to get a better job.
    3. Marry a Korean and use your spouse's contacts to get a job.

    If Anonymous Coward would like to bring his own business to Korea instead of finding a corporate job, I recommend that he look for a reliable local partner. Perhaps he has a cousin who still lives in the country. When doing business in Korea, a local contact who the client can reach easily is almost always essential unless your service is not offered by anyone else in Korea.

    I can think of two other options as well, though I the ones I've listed above tend you yield consistently better results.

    1. Contact KOTRA ( They currently have a program to match talented "foreigners" with local companies. A friend recently got a job at Samsung through this program.
    2. Use a headhunter. George Whitfield ( of Halcyon Search has a good reputation here.

    I hope this is helpful and I wish Anonymous Coward the best of luck.

    Best regards,

  5. I need job in korea for chef

  6. Dear Korean,

    Couple of years ago I was hired by a school in the Philippines to prepare a script base on a given topic. I was told that the finish products will be sent to Korea to be used on their online teaching . I wish to know if there is an available job for me like that in Korea? I am a retired teacher in the Philippines.

    Very truly yours

    Retired teacher


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