Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ask a Korean! News: Some Korean Singers Will be in LA

Public service announcement:

Dear Korean,

My name is Tatevik Simonian and I am contacting you on behalf of the Music Center in Los Angeles.

In the second year of the concert series, Global Pop at the Music Center continues to celebrate the performances of popular artists from around the globe at the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall. On June 19th, Global Pop will feature acclaimed Korean pop superstars Wheesung and Lena Park.

Wheesung became an instant sensation in his native Korea after his first solo album release in 2002. His sophomore album catapulted him into stardom and made him the best selling artist of 2003. He has collaborated with many artists including Se7en, M-Flo and most recently British R&B artist Craig David.

From R&B and Korean /Japanese pop, to gospel, Lena Park is an artist with a wide-range of musical stylings. Best known for her impeccable vocals, Lena was selected to represent Korea in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2002 FIFA World Cup and is an influential singer-songwriter who has released albums and singles in Korean and Japanese.

Ask a Korean! readers can visit and enter access code KPOP to receive a 20% discount on seats!

Walt Disney Concert Hall
135 North Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012

Visit, the WDCH Box Office or call 213-368-2511 (Korean) or 213-365-3500 (English).


Dear Tatevik,

While the Korean wishes you well on your event, he has less than zero interest in Wheesung, Lena Park and their ilk. Let the Korean know when real artists like Seo Taiji come to America. The only reason why the Korean bothered to put this up on the blog is because you were offering a discount, which would be of interest to some of AAK!'s readers.

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  1. as much as i worship taiji, wheesung actually has talent.

  2. Hmmm. No real opinion on Wheesung, but beg to differ on Taiji being a "real artist". Popular? Oh yes. But an artist? ...meh.

  3. only death awaits blasphemers.

  4. Yoon Do Hyun will be touring on the last few legs of the Warped Tour if that interests you more.

  5. I would love to see Lena Park in concert. That woman has an awesome voice and she ain't bad looking, either.


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