Monday, April 13, 2009

You know what's stupid? Turning away highly educated people who want to work and pay taxes for America. That's stupid.


  1. If I had a dollar for every person wanting to work and pay taxes in America...

    I'd be fully supportive of a person's plans to work and live in America - the only catch being they must either A: find a job before coming to America, or B: find a job within 30 days of their arrival. Once they've found a job and have otherwise begun being a productive member of society, the paperwork (which needn't necessarily be done ahead of time) should be automatically accepted / approved...

  2. i don't understand why sanjay's wife can't just get h4 while they process his green card. i work in this industry, so i know of someone in similar situation. however, for every sanjay, there are about four unqualified foreign educated engineers. they actually have hagwon in india teaching programming.. imagine all those korean kids who went to hagwon to learn english coming to the states and teach. :)

  3. Well, somebody has to pay for Social Security... and it's not going to be our kids!

  4. "Well, somebody has to pay for Social Security... and it's not going to be our kids!"No kidding. We don't just need the productive work of our immigrants. We need their well-cared for children, too, to help support their American peers who will end up on drugs or in prison.

    Glad to see Obama's courageous enough to take on immigration reform, and he's even got the unions behind him.

  5. You know what else is stupid?
    Turning people away from "foreign" jobs in Korea because they're not white.


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