Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ask a Korean! News: Two Korean Americans Do Something Awesome

Excellent news about two Korean American men who are reaching new heights.

First, Dr. Jim Yong Kim of Harvard Medical School was appointed the President of Dartmouth College. He co-founded the Partners in Health, and is renowned for his work at the World Health Organization. Dr. Kim is an immigrant, having moved from Seoul to Muscatine, Iowa, where his was one of only two Asian families. He attended Muscatine High School, where he was valedictorian, president of his class and quarterback of the football team. He attended Brown University. AND he went onto become a doctor, with M.D. and Ph.D. from Harvard! Good thing he did not live around other Korean American students -- he would have caused all Korean mothers in the area to to peck away at their children.

Dr. Kim will be the first Asian-American head of an Ivy League university. Other prominent Korean Americans in academic leadership posts include Hong-Ju Koh, Dean of Yale Law School. The first Asian-American to head a major research university was Chang-Lin Tien at University of California, Berkeley, the Korean's alma mater.

Second, Sam Yoon, City Councilor of Boston, is running for mayor. He is seeking to unseat Tom Menino, the current mayor who has been in that position for 16 years. City Councilor Michael Flaherty and Kevin McCrea are also in the race. Pundits give Yoon a solid chance to win. According to Paul Watanabe, a political scientist at University of Massachusetts Boston, Yoon "reflects the new Boston. He’s young, there’s a freshness that transcends age. He has a look that reflects the new look of the city and that gives him credibility."

The Korean met Mr. Yoon when he visited New York for a fund raiser. He found Mr. Yoon to be very energetic and optimistic. Visit Sam Yoon's webpage here. Donate to his campaign here.

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  1. this is so awesome. a great boon to korean-americans, asian-americans... ALL americans for that matter. and GO BEARS! =)

  2. Someone should tell Sam Yoon how dangerous it is to stand in traffic like that.

    It provides a convenient way for his opponents to off him, which I understand is a hazard in a place like Boston.

    Did you know that the first Korean-American to get an ice cream headache was right here in Honolulu? Sam Paek in 1903, though this is contested by Kim Y┼Ćnghwa of Seoul, who claims the same feat was accomplished in 1898.

  3. A big congrats to these two fine gentlemen. May their powers of the English language and an Asian movement produce peace, prosperity, and the American / Asian way. Cheers :)

  4. It will definitely be an uphill battle for Sam Yoon because Boston's current mayor, was the first non-Irish American to take office (showing just how "diverse" our local politics can be)! But I am rooting for him and will cast my vote for him if he keeps his word!

  5. I am loving this.

    Why are Korean Americans such an over achievers, to include the Korean.

    This makes me very proud.

    On the other hand, I really need to step-up my professional accompolishments because I am still a Senior Consultant and have not made a Management status at my company.

    Oh well. If this crap doesnt work out, I can open my own Korean blog and make millions...like The Korean!!!

  6. It's Dartmouth COLLEGE...

  7. just wanted to clarify why -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dartmouth_University

  8. I think it's great! awesome!

  9. Duly noted and corrected, Deme.


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