Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Korean Fashion

Dear Korean,

Where or what websites can I visit that can provide me with the best and the latest in Korean fashion? And where can I pay for it in British Pounds and have it shipped over?

Natalie H.

The Korean is stumped here -- he does not buy clothes online, and he most certainly does not follow Korean fashion. Any takers? Please do not limit your suggestions places that may accept British Pounds -- the Korean is certain that there are others around the world who would be interested in Korean fashion.

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  1. I know next to nothing about Korean brands and can't vouch for the quality of the clothes they sell, but YesStyle has a decent selection and will ship just about anywhere. They sell stuff from all over Asia, but if you select men or women and look down on the left, you can filter brands from specific countries.

    If you just want to see what's in style these days, FeetManSeoul has lots of pictures.

  2. YesStyle is great if you have a lot of money. Asiajam is cheaper and has some Korean stuff there : ) I don't know any others. perhaps?

  3. Also, check out GMarket. I'm pretty sure they ship internationally.

    You can click at the top for English.

  4. I believe Polham sell their catalogue online.. and I believe they are a Korean brand, though frankly I haven't been able to find the company's information in English anywhere. Basic styles and very decent prices..

  5. Not for shopping but for

  6. I like this site,

    They sell many things from accessories and stufff.

    Also I don't know if they will ship abroad but certainly?

  7. I'd say YesStyle is great. Not the best quality, but it has some very "Korean" clothing. Very trendy stuff. I have reviews from my last purchases at my website:

  8. we sell korean products;
    jewelery and accessories...also things for gagets like ipods and other things...

    ship all over the world straight from korea :D for only 2 dollars

  9. Hi, we don't sell Korean fashion per se, but have tons of humorous and unique Korean t-shirts & gifts related to Korean pride, food, KPOP, Dokdo, etc... (& yes we are Korean)



  10. In researching a novel based on a multicultural couple I uncovered over 100 Asian fashion designers, five of which are Korean:

    Jiwon Park, born and raised in Korea,

    Gemma Kahng, born and raised in Korea,

    Woo Young Mi, born in Seoul

    Doo Ri, Korean American,

    and my favorite, Shin Choi, Korean born

    I'd recommend going all out and shop online, get the real goods.

  11. Byuntees Shirts if you are looking for something humorous.

  12. Hi..browse this websites

  13. Hi. I'm Korean. I think we have a lot of great fashion online shop. But almost of them do not ship overseas. So I do a shopping deputy/assistance service. Visit my blog. You can see how it works. Just pick what you want in korean website and let me know I will pay and ship them for you.

    1. hi my name vei from indonesia, i'm so interested with your job, coz i'm trying to buy some goods from korea, but it all written with korean language
      can u email me for mo details?

  14. Very informative and helpful. Thank you!

    Personal concierge,UK

  15. Not for shopping but looking for Fashion Catalog.

  16. You have to try

  17. You can try They have authentic Korean Fashion which they update weekly. Unfortunately their clothes sell out quite fast but you can always register and they will send you coupons and presale information. They carry alot of clothing from Jinalook and Cocomarine.

  18. Well, we sell Korean style clothes in british pounds - primarily the bigger brands like Dangoon and Deepstyle, Shy Shy and Redopin. - The only issue with buying KF is the sizing as its sometimes difficult to find clothing large enough for western europeans.

  19. I really love Korean clothes, where I was abroad I always try to find store that sell authentic Korean clothes, but most of them sell "Korean style of clothing" where they produce it from China.
    I spend most of my life abroad so there were small chance to get the clothes offline, therefore i tried to buy them online, but most of korean shops do not send internationally.
    But hey, look what i found recently! there are several websites that sell Korean clothes and deliver to worldwide. i tried to buy some from them as a trial and they r proved to have a good clothing quality.
    That is why i share with all of you, you can try it:,,
    And they send it quite fast too!


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