Monday, January 19, 2009

Ask a Korean! News: Don't Let the American Bedbugs Bite

Hilarious article from today's Dong-A Ilbo:

"Bedbug Returns" -- Traced Back to America?

Larvae Found in Buildings Formerly Occupied by a Korean American

In December 2007, a Korean-American woman in her 30s visited the Foreigner Clinic at Severance Hospital in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. The woman complained of itchiness all over her body, and showed an insect that she captured at her house.

The insect appeared to be a flea or a bedbug, whose case has been unreported in Korea for the past 20 years. The medical staff, astonished, commissioned an investigation to a team led by Prof. Yong Tae-Sun of Yonsei Medical School specializing in parasitology.

The investigation confirmed that the insect was a bedbug, which led to an immediate examination of the apartment where the woman lived. Dead bedbugs and larvae were found in the woman's room and the adjacent room in the same apartment.

However, fortunately, the investigation team believes that the bedbugs were not indigenous, but were imported from the United States.

Prof. Yong, who publicized his report on Korea Journal of Parasitology in December 2008, said "Based on the fact that the woman who complained of itchiness entered Korea 9 months ago, and that the other room in which the bedbugs were found was also usually occupied by short-term foreigner or Korean-American visitors, it appears that the bedbug was imported from the U.S." Prof. Yong added "There has been reports of bedbug infestation in New York and New Jersey."

The apartments in question were later quarantined and the bedbugs were exterminated. However, the woman who visited the Severance Hospital and the occupants of the building have all moved to a different location.

Holy infestation! Failing at trying to kill all Koreans by sending in Mad Cow Disease-laden beef, clearly Americans have moved onto their next devious trick.

What is priceless, however, are the comments at the end of the article. One commenter sarcastically ribbed, "Time to hatch another candlelight protest." Another said, "Yankees also gave smallpox-laden blankets to Indians."

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  1. "그러나 용 교수팀의 추적 결과 다행히 빈대는 ‘국내산’이 아닌 ‘미국산’으로 추정됐다."

    Priceless indeed!

  2. It's "larvae," not "lavae."

  3. Duly noted and fixed, thanks Peter.

  4. ...I experienced bedbugs in Canada, itchy and scratchy.

    Hopefully they didn't followed me back home:-)

  5. First it was the beef. And now,it a rodent. I am beginning to think that U.S is indirectly wanting to kill Koreans. Whats next, a carb-free rice...

    I am thinking the latter will probably wipe out the Korean race...

  6. I wonder if the Korean is still having a problem with the bedbug named Jeff Meyers.

  7. So how the heck is this problem healed? I feel kinda itchy...

  8. Epidemiologists frequently seek to trace where infections and infestations are coming from. So that's racism now? If, for example, a West Nile Virus-infected visitor comes in from the southern US, it's anti-Americanism to report that? Methinks some folks' outrage detectors are a bit too sensitive.

  9. kushibo,

    What the hell are you talking about? Who said anything about racism and/or outrage?


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