Friday, December 05, 2008

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Theatre Programs in Korea?

Another chance to help a fellow reader, folks.

Dear Korean,

My girlfriend and I are both adopted Koreans living in Minnesota. We're both actors in our late 20's, and are exploring possibilities regarding teaching theatre in Korea for a period of 6 months or more next year. While it's pretty easy to find opportunities to teach English at schools, privately, or in hagwons, I'm curious if you would have any suggestions regarding teaching theatre to high school, college, or adult ESL students. We're mainly interested in living and working in Seoul, but I'd love to learn about any programs that exist. And if programs don't exist, are there certain colleges that would have staff or drama programs that might be interested in starting a program like this?

Korean American Theatre Junkie

This is a pretty technical question, so any lead would be appreciated.

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  1. I'd love to see the two of them teach those terrible Korean television actors/actresses how to act.

  2. when I applied for an English teaching position at Sogang university, they mentioned that they had an "english through drama" class... I don't know many more details than just that, but it might be a start.

  3. They should contact Seoul Players -- a non-profit theater group in Seoul. Many of the people involved in the group teach drama in English to children in Korea.

  4. The Korean will relay a tip received from email:

    Dear Korean,

    The theaTUH scene in Seoul is essentially the work of the Seoul Players ( for their English website). E-mail them at or through the contact form on the aforementioned website. While there are a couple other groups, this is the main one to get connected with. The players (pardon the pun) tend to change since they're almost all transients (teachers), but more than a few have been around beyond their initial one-year contract.

    To specifically answer KATD's question, I've heard that there are occasionally jobs in the theaters at schools - but they're usually just part-time gigs. I'll pass along the one lead I've received (as a group mail from the Seoul Players - I've been in a play of theirs):

    Natia's contact info: (Natia at Theatre Seoul in Hyewha)

    T + 82 (0)2 747 0035
    H + 82 (0)11 9732 2086
    F + 82 (0)2 3673 2087

    The e-mail I received advertised for a theater / teaching job that is almost certainly not available anymore - but you get to know the people and stuff happens :)

    Chris B.


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