Thursday, November 13, 2008

As the Korean had said, Europe is pretty far behind America in eradicating racism.


  1. Nice Article!

    Despite the majority of my friends voted for Obama, I am certain none of them would not choose to be black if they had a choice.

    Even now, being black in America is considered inferior, although the perception is slowly changing.

    I've dated and hooked up with a few Europeans au-pairs in America. And I can tell you that they are very racist towards blacks and middle easterners.

  2. I don't know,very interesting issue.As for me,I have never thinking about such "Obama-effect".European countries expect that the first person of the country be the representative of the majority,but as it was mentioned in the article above,they don't distinguish,because I guess they believe there is two kind of immigrants:one,who is mixed with the majority(I don't mean total assimilation)and the other which is doesn't even show the signs of assimilation.And usually they don't distinguish between majority and first kind of immigrants.As far as I know,I'm not an immigrant,just that's the way we talk about it.Me,myself,I have never questioned this practice.I really haven't thought about it as a racist idea,but I will re-think the whole topic,thanks to this post.thanks!

  3. hmmmm and what about Sarkozy himself?He couldn't be president,if french people would be so racist.


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