Friday, October 24, 2008

Now, to cool off, the Korean presents the new Banpo Bridge at Seoul, newly renovated with dancing water fountains:

Fountains were installed as Seoul city's new project to upgrade the city's looks.

Source: Gizmodo.


  1. "Quick kids roll up the windows and make sure that none of that water touches your skin."
    Not that I have any clue as to how that was created or installed, but I'm guessing the funds would have been better spent on a renewable energy source instead.

  2. Eh, the Korean likes it. Seoul really does need a makeover. It is on the verge of being a world-class city, and it has to look the part.

  3. It's a pretty neat idea. I wonder if there are other bridges around the world with the same "feature".

    They could put sensors on the sides of the bridge so the water would follow a passing vehicle, giving the sensation of a car splashing on an infinite puddle of water.

    Hmm, scrap that, with the traffic in Seoul, the fountain would just be on all the time.

    I miss that city.

  4. Apparently it's pulling water from the river below. I wonder if it sucks up some fishes too. Then this would be the world's largest fish cannon!

  5. 서울시의 노력은 인정하나, 보면 볼수록

    힘좋은 아이들 세워놓고 쉬~하는 것 같네요. 지하철에 한때 만들었던 분수 조형물처럼 이쁘게 다가오지 않는다는....

  6. I wish the video were cut a little more slowly. Too flashy for me. But, the fountains are great!


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