Monday, September 22, 2008

One of the Korean's posts is featured on the Korea Herald. (Under "Special", the headline is: Why do expats here complain so much? Sorry, but KH website does not have individual links to articles.) And the hate mails are coming...

-EDIT 9/23/08 8:13 a.m.- Mr. Editor at Korea Herald told the Korean that he received a few phone calls expressing positive reception. Hopefully the phone calls outweigh the hate mails.

Also, Roboseyo somehow found a way to link directly to the article. Here is the link.


  1. Thanks. The hate mails have become a part of the Korean's life basically, ever since this blog has gained a little notoriety. Many people who disagree with the Korean often express that disagreement in such words as: "You are fucking stupid for having written that piece of shit you stupid third-person speaking fuck." Yup.

  2. Good luck dude - stay strong. Your article was very insightful.

  3. You look good in print.


    ps. Roboseyo likes it more when you give your posts headlines so he can click on the headlines and read the article with comments at the bottom.

    whoever sends you hatemail is dum with a capital UM.

  4. Thank you everyone.

    Robo - the Korean is glad you joined in the third-person speak. The Korean's aim is to have this blog sound like a roundtable discussion of highly enlightened pro wrestlers.

    Basically the organizing principle of this blog is to have headlines on relatively long articles, and no headlines on "quick hitters". If you'd like to read in the text/comment format, you can click the post on the "blog archive" sidebar on the right and that should work.

  5. Mama Nabi liked the article by The Korean. She wonders how well versed The Korean is on the South Korean political parties and wouldn't mind laying them out IN SIMPLE terms for the politically challenged mama whose Korean passport does her no good during election times as she has not lived in Korea since 1979.

  6. mama nabi,

    the Korean follows Korean politics very closely, but he urges you to send in an email -- other questions are waiting in line.


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