Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Korean is in the news again.

Ask A Korean! is NOT an expat blog! Grrr.


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  2. Bart,

    For the sake of disclosure, I will note that you wrote the Korea Herald article, which I do appreciate for its favorable coverage for this blog.

    I will also note that I wrote you an email complaining that this blog was not an expat blog. As a reply, you emailed me back, you put the same comment here, and you put the same comment on Roboseyo.

    First, I wrote that email out of mild annoyance, because I always meant for this blog to be about Korean Americans. To that end, I dislike being characterized as an "expat blog". That is indeed a disservice to me, albeit a minor one. I thought I expressed the mildness of my annoyance in the facetious way I wrote my complaint on this blog and on Roboseyo.

    And then I get your testy reply in three different sources! Initially when I got your email, I just shrugged and let it go. It was a minor complaint after all. But seeing it three times is actually pissing me off. I really don't get it -- why was that even necessary?

  3. Dear Korean;

    As a Korean fluent in English, what are your expectations of Korean English Language Media?

    I mean, I live over here, and not only the web editions, but also the print editions, of the English language papers, are often riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes.

    (one time I caught the Korea Herald afternoon edition reducing mad cow disease to just mad disease. I was a little concerned that American cows were now spreading mass psychosis, but then I remembered what I was reading)

    Editors, copy editors and expat society page reporters have more important things to do than check for spelling or facts. They have jobs to do, by Jove! They, hmm, um, well.

    Dear Korean;

    what do foreign reporters at a Korean newspaper do all day?

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  7. Yeah, I was reading the Korea Herald and came across that article and was like, WHAT? AAK is not an expat blog!

    Hmmmm. I'm guessing from all of the "comment deleted"s that some jerks came over via the KH article to run their mouths. Sorry you have to deal with it - more power to you and what you do!

  8. Dear experiment,

    Well, they are scouring the Internet and offer pithy defenses to any perceived criticism against their articles, it seems.

    The Korean doesn't really read Korean news in English. But from what limited exposure he has, his expectation is low. Not to say anything about the ability of the individuals, but there just is not enough resources because the demand is not great enough. Generally Korean news in English tend to be translation of Korean articles, which are often too late and whose quality poor.


    The Korean thanks you for your kind words.

  9. Dude...

    Since I was the first to link you at Marmot's Hole... I feel somewhat responsible... somewhat... ;)

  10. Curse you Edward for exposing this blog to those hatin' expats.

    Just kidding. Nothing but love Edward. But the Korean is still waiting on that LA Riot thing you mentioned a while back. He is dying of curiosity.


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