Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ask a Korean! News: The Most Brilliant Thing You Will See Today

Wear a diaper while you read this blog, because you might piss yourself as you do. The Korean introduces: Stuff Korean Moms Like.

Here is the Korean's favorite passage:

#11 Telling people they are fat:

Korean moms will go out of their way to tell people that they are fat. Sometimes they will say that you look 'healthy', but do not be decieved by this outwardly friendly comment. Really, it just means you're fat. There's no getting around it. Many Korean women live in fear of heading to Korea for vacation because they will be called fat by many Korean moms, sometimes by more than five different moms per day. A Korean mom does not have to have a personal relationship with you to call you out on your fatness. Her Korean momness is permission enough. One time while at work, a Korean mom walked past my open office door, then moonwalked back, popped her permed head in, and said, "You gained wieght". After she left, I hung my head and cried. I still don't know who she was.
Just go read it. You will thank the Korean later.

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