Friday, May 16, 2008

People magazine did a feature on Rain, now of Speed Racer fame. Too bad they have the wrong guy's picture. All Asians look alike? You tell the Korean.


  1. I belong to a huge Korean Music and Entertainment forum (includes other cultures as well), and people were going ballistic about this--I can understand why people were upset--because it most obviously *wasn't* Jung Jihoon...but you'd only know that if you actually know who 'Rain' IS. In this case though--that's no excuse, because someone could have done a little research (I guess they missed the afct that he was one of their Most Beautiful People in--2007, I think.). Many people commented the the author of the article is Asian--and should 'know better'. I thought that was pretty weird, since I'm sure every asian person doesn't know every other Asian person. -___- They assume just because the author is Asian that she/he would recognize this person instantly. Some also said that every Asian person must look alike to them. They didn't know who the actor was in the pic, but they said nasty things about him anyway. I think it really just had to be a mixup somewhere--maybe even done without the author's knowledge (that the pic posted wasn't the subject of the article) but a lot of members of the forum send People e-mails about their mistake. I'm sure some weren't polite. One of the girls said something about 'typically ignorant white people'. She assumed it was a dumb 'white' person who wrote the article and put the non-Rain pic in there. There are many non-Asian and Caucasian members that would never make that mistake. When I replied I told her I am Caucasian, and that I posted the name of the actor--who these girls thought was just some random Asian dude (some of the same people who are always complaining that there are no Asian actors in Hollywood. Or that there are no Asian American models for what they see as typically white clothing--like A&F... He's both. He may not be the best there is acting-wise, but he IS there) They didn't even know he's in the movie as well.

    maybe they'll pay more attention in future--if only to avoid the wrath of some of the angrier fan girls.

  2. I put the mistake in a broader context, and also quoted one of your earlier posts (so thanks for the help!). I like your blog, it's very informative.

    I do have a question--why do Korean people squat down on flat feet, instead of on the balls of their feet? (Their feet are differently positioned than those of most American people.)

  3. After beating Cobert in the dance-off, you would think the 'typically ignorant white people' would know who Rain is by now :D .

  4. macon d,

    Glad to be of help. But if you have any question, you will have to email the Korean just like everyone else -- people have been waiting in line for months. Sorry.


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