Thursday, May 08, 2008

Interesting, and rare, post about race relations on Deadspin.


  1. I am a US citizen who has married a Korean and I'm eagerly about to initiate the process to acquire Korean citizenship. I have lived and worked in Korea for several years. To Matthew's original point, I find the government of Korea (and most East Asian nations for that matter) to be far more efficient and honorable in taxation than my own. I will gladly give up the albatross of US citizenship as will anyone who understands the sad direction the nation is headed down under Socialist control... the last bastions of free market capitalism remain a handful of East Asian countries, and ironically, China.

  2. That's great Richard. Now, please go post that in the right thread. Thanks.

  3. Hi i was born in korea.. my mother is korean and my father is filipino i just want to ask if i can aquire a korean passport at this time.. im already 32 years of age... thank u...


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