Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fools!

Boy, did the Korean have fun writing that post.

David Bryant is NOT the Korean; as a Lakers fan, the Korean imagined what he would be like if he were a step-brother of Kobe Bryant. In fact, the picture is a result of a Google image search under "David Bryant". The Korean is definitely an ethnic Korean, born and raised by ethnic Korean parents who can trace their ancestry to the beginning of Korean history. In fact, this blog had numerous references to that fact, which commentor Elena pointed out. Can't believe she felt that those posts were fake, and not the post on April 1. :)

The rest is also straight up April 1 material. Unfortunately, no book deal is forthcoming... yet. The Korean also caused a minor ruckus with the good people at Time Out New York magazine, who sent the following panicky email:

Hello David,

Your blog says that you are a staff writer at TONY.

Please advise.


Time Out New York
475 Tenth Avenue, 12th floor
NYC, NY 10018

Lastly, the Korean will never get tired of speaking in the third person. So there.

Got a question or comment for the Korean? Email away at

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