Monday, February 11, 2008

The Korean saw a Life cereal ad on TV that featured a white mother, an Asian father, and three beautifully mixed boys. Did anyone else see this? It used to be the case that whenever there was a relationship between an Asian and a non-Asian, it always involved an Asian woman and a non-Asian man. Nowadays the Korean is noticing a lot more Asian man-non-Asian woman relationship, and now it's on TV. Somehow, it feels like the world became a better place.

-EDIT Feb. 11, 2008 5:54 p.m.- You can see the ad on ("The Oh Family") Apprently there were four boys, and the father is indeed Korean. Thank you, brandonsmom!


  1. If you go to the Life Cereal official site there is a place to watch the commercial and learn about the real "Oh Family". I am in an Asian-Man and non-asian woman relationship, with a child, and I too noticed the commercial and loved seeing that.

    Thanks for your site. It is always interesting. :)


  2. Remember, Korea's very 1st first lady was white. Might be interesting if you do a little bio on her

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  4. how is an asian male in an interracial relationship make the world a better place, other than to soothe the asian male ego?

  5. It doesn't, but that commercial did because it highlights a type of interracial relationship that was once uncommon.

  6. :D thank you for this! My boyfriend is Chinese and I'm about as white as we come, and I love love love seeing this combination out on the street because it's so rare compared to Asian women/white men couples.


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