Monday, January 14, 2008

Ask A Korean! News: Tragedy in International Marriage

This very sad article appeared on Dong-A Ilbo:

Cheonan Police Arrests Suspect for Vietnamese Woman's Murder

Chungnam Cheonan Police Department, investigation a murder of a vietnamese woman who immigrated for marriage, stated on the 6th that they arrested her husband Mr. Chang (46 years old) as a prime suspect.

According to police, on June 26 of last year, Mr. Chang is suspected of brutally punching and kicking his wife Ms. A (19 years old, Vietnamese) on her chest area to death, after being enraged in his house at Cheonan-si Munhwa-dong when she said "send me back to Vietnam."

At the police station, Mr. Chang stated "I spent money to bring my wife from Vietnam but she kept on trying to go back to Vietnam, so I hit her out of anger."

Mr. Chang was hiding in Daejon, and the police caught him when he called his landlord Ms. Jeon (70 years old, female) to ask if "anything was going on."

Ms. A was discovered dead in a basement room of Cheonan-si Munhwa-dong on December 4 of last year, when the police responded to a call that complained about "rotting smell."

Police plans to charge Mr. Chang with murder and other crimes.

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  1. sigh~

    what happens when racism (ethnicism?) and patriarchy combine with anger management issues?

  2. See! See! I'm not getting married!!! Ever!!!
    How can a man hit his wife after he swore he'll protect her???
    I think the way my mind is wired does not allow me to understand this...

  3. I agree with Nunchi.
    Although I cannot say the following with certainty, I don't believe that all Korean men beat/hit their wives.
    It seems the Korean in the article did not truly swear to protect her, he did it as part of the process of buying a wife, therefore he doesn't think of her as a wife and life partner, but as some tool.
    My husband married me and treats me very well in hiw own way. He does want a life partner and I know that he truly loves me. BUT... HE HAS BEAT ME BEFORE. I don't know if it will ever happen again, but I have read that the behavior is sometimes caused by overpossesiveness.
    In my husband's case, it is mostly what nunchi said. Anger management issues, lots of unresolved personal issues, and also a very important root: he watched his father do it to his mother. Although he swore to himself he would never do it to his own wife, he sometimes becomes physical to me when he is drunk. He just needs love, support, and a LOT of help. I am not condone his behavior, but I absolutely see how such behavior is possible.


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