Monday, November 19, 2007

Ask A Korean! News: Those Web-Addicted Koreans

This NY Times article was the second most emailed article of the day, so how can this not make the Korean blog? It's something that the Korean already knew, but might be interesting for those who did not know how advanced Korea is with respect to its Internet culture.

C'oup de Grace of the article? The pictures of pasty sun-deprived Korean kids, and the hysterical foblish at the end of it. Check it out.

The Korean has been busy, but with Thanksgiving coming up, there will be some posts forthcoming.

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  1. There's a reason I never tried any MMO games, and only dabble in Xbox Live games. This is it.

    At least they mentioned, even if in passing, that it's not just Korean kids having internet addiction problems. I feel fortunate that most of my geek friends are not internet overusers or online game addicts.

    Oddly enough, working on computers for a living keeps me from getting too far gone in my off time. I look at monitors enough as it is....


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