Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Sassy Girl?

Dear Korean,

How do Korean guys reconcile the wife-beater rep with images like that of the guy in "My Sassy Girl"? My cousin loves the movie and runs around saying "wanna die?" in Korean.

Baffled Chinese

Dear Baffled Chinese,

Easy. My Sassy Girl is a comedy. It's funny because it's so obviously untrue.

As an aside, the Korean never understood the appeal of My Sassy Girl. Someone please explain why that movie is any good. It appears that there is an American remake of that movie in the works -- if this is going to be another Infernal Affairs/The Departed debacle, the Korean will pop a vein in his head.

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  1. It's good because the girl is hot.

  2. I hate that movie because for a while that was the first thing anyone would ask me about when they found out I'm Korean. It's like they just saw the movie the day before they met me. People also bring up "Oldboy," but that's acceptable because it doesn't suck balls like "My Sassy Girl."

  3. have you seen 'my scary girl'? its better.

  4. Do you know what's funny about this movie for me? I saw the original one and the american remake, and... it happens that I know one guy who is just like the american version guy! With his own love story and all! (didn't end as happy as this one, though). So it's odd, but in a way, this movie is true!


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