Monday, March 26, 2007

The Japanese' Incredible Ability to Deny Their Past - Update 1

Note: As the Comfort Women issue is growing, there are more and more statements by Japanese officials denying their countries' horrific past crime. Each time there is such a denial, Ask A Korean! will post them.

On March 25, Japanese Minister of Defense Shimamura Hakubun appeared on Radio Nippon and said the following: "There were nurses for the military and journalists for the military, but no Comfort Women (the Korean's note: here apparently used as a euphemism for prostitutes) for the military. It is true that there were Comfort Women, and I think some parents sold their daughters. But that does not mean that the Japanese military was involved."


  1. Comfort women are not prostitutes. They were women abducted to have sex with the Japanese military. So they are sex slaves. SEX SLAVES.

    It's not like the Japanese soldiers paid to sleep with them either.

  2. It should come as no surprise that during North Korea's nuclear program row, and Japan was all whining that they were also in danger, there were South Koreans who wanted North Korea to go to war with Japan and nuke them out of the water.

    (These are the same folks who say the U.S. made a mistake by dropping the a-bomb on ONLY two cities in WWII.)


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