Thursday, October 06, 2011

Today, TK Learned:

... that as long as he avoided reading the obituaries, he could pretend that Steve Jobs was still alive.
  • Koreans remember Steve Jobs. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Former Gizmodo writer who was involved in the "Lost iPhone 4" story remembers Steve Jobs. [The Wirecutter]
  • Americans "may look back on 2011 and see three events that undermine that story: the downgrade of America’s credit rating; the last flight of the space shuttle; and Mr. Jobs’s death." [The Economist]
  • To the Korean, the more important death today was NYU law professor Derrick Bell, who pioneered critical race theory -- which forms the foundation of the Korean's race-consciousness. [New York Times]
  • Asian economies have been "growing with equity", but in the last 30 years the income inequality has been growing. [East West Center]
  • Is it wrong to think that North Korean spies' poison darts, made to look like a pen or a flashlight, look super cool? [Chosun Ilbo]
  • Yahoo! Answers version of "Best of the Worst Questions" about Asians. Just a little taste of what the Korean goes through every day. [8Asians]
  • If the Korean could ever write a letter like this in his legal career, he will die a happy man: "My client will not be bullied out of exercising his First Amendment right to make clear his belief that your client is a spoiled, brainless twit who is cheapening the political discourse in this country." [American Spectator]
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  1. LOL at the 8Asian post. I can't believe how ignorant some people are.

  2. So Asians can't fly after all... Bummer.


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