Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today, TK Learned:

... how to sustain a shameless gimmick item for more than one installment! It's like keeping a goldfish alive. Huzzah!
  • Throwing out the garbage is a complicated process in Korea, which is one of the reasons why the Korean lives in America. [The Korea Blog]
  • Ichiro is slowing down. The Korean remembers his American friends who scoffed at his belief that Ichiro would be an all-star and a hall of famer. They are not scoffing anymore. [New York Times]
  • Samsung and Microsoft are joining forces. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Erik Spoelstra is half Filipino and visits the Philippines every year. Basketball is huge in the Philippines, apparently. [ESPN: Grantland]
  • City of Houston cautions against Fan Death: "Electric fans should only be used in conjunction with an air conditioner. A fan can't change the temperature of a room; it can only accelerate air movement, and will accelerate the body's overheating." [City of Houston Health and Human Services]
  • At least one U Penn graduate is an idiot. [Dealbreaker]
  • Legal fees are high in Korea, and lawyers are crooks. What else is new? [Korean Law Blog]
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  1. Here's another interesting link:

  2. Cautions against Fan Death? A bit far reaching, don't you think?



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