Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Ask a Korean! News: Crucified (!) Person Discovered in a Remote Quarry

This probably does not have much to do with Korea other than it happened in Korea -- crazy is crazy no matter what the location. But it is pretty crazy. Translation below.

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The police is investigating a case in which a man, in his 50s, was discovered dead crucified to a cross in a Biblical fashion. According to the Gyeongsangbuk-do Mun'gyeong-si Police Agency, Mr. Kim (58 years old, Gyeongsangnam-do Changwon-si Seongsan-gu), a taxi driver, was found dead in Mt. Doondeok in Gyeongsangbuk-do Mun'gyeong-si. The police said when Mr. Kim was found dead at 970 meters above sea level at Mt. Doondeok, he was reenacting the scene in which Jesus was crucified on the cross. Mr. Kim was found wearing a crown of thorns, and his feet were nailed together. Both of his hands were also nailed to the cross. Mr. Kim was wearing only white underwear; his legs and neck were tied to the cross with a rope. His right side had a wound created by a sharp weapon.

Wooden cross discovered at the site.

Also discovered on cite was the sketch to design and produce the cross, a whip that was apparently used to strike the body and cut pieces of wood. In front of the cross, there was a round mirror that reflected Mr. Kim on the cross. Inside Mr. Kim's car, discovered approximately 100 meters away from the scene, were a tent, a hammer, a drill, a knife and a memo pad that contained notes on how to be crucified. According to the medical examiner who checked the scene, the nail was directly inserted into the feet. However, there were signs that the holes were drilled into the hands first, then slid into the large nails already attached to the cross.

Sketches of cross design, discovered at the site.

The area is a quarry that had not been operational for a long time, and few ever visit the site. It is difficult to approach, as it is surrounded by large rocks. The police is weighing on the possibility that a religious fanatic or a psychopath who held a grudge against Mr. Kim committed the murder, but is not excluding the possibility that Mr. Kim killed himself with help from another. The police is particularly focusing on the fact that Mr. Kim was known to be a Christian, and the day when the body was discovered was May 1, the Easter weekend. The police instituted a multi-front investigation in order to discern the recent tracks of the dead and establish the precise cause of death. A representative from the Police Agency said, "We found that Mr. Kim was involved with a certain cult; we are trying to see if that fact is relevant here," and added, "We will find the precise cause of death after the autopsy."

가시관 쓰고 대못 박힌채… 50대男 ‘십자가 주검’ 미스터리 [Dong-A Ilbo]

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  1. Damn.

    Suicide or murder, crazies are crazies and, oh god, that would not be how I want to leave this world. I think I'll stop now before I break out into incessant babbling about the fuckery of it all.

  2. This is crazy. And to think the guy might actually have been willing to die this way...

  3. The mirror was placed there so the guy could watch himself on the cross? Whether an act of supreme egotism (if assisted suicide) or cruelty (if murder), either way it's a great addition to the traditional method. Reminds me of the Nam-June Paik piece with a Buddha watching himself meditate on a monitor.

  4. Kim KiDuk film in the making... wtf indeed

  5. I say Park Chan Wook film.


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