Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

The Korean wishes happy Thanksgiving to all Americans. This year, the Korean is thankful for his new wonderful wife, settling into a new place with new friends, and being able to ride out the challenges of the economy.

Thanksgiving is the Korean's favorite holiday, and it is a crying shame that it is slowly turning into a mere bump in the road on the way to Christmas shopping. Thanksgiving is the Korean's favorite holiday because it is one of the most American of holidays -- the holiday for immigrants. The day in which Americans, old and new, share a table to fill their body with a hearty bird native to American land.

On the Thanksgiving Day of 1997 -- some 380 years after the Pilgrims -- the Korean Family arrived at the port of Los Angeles International Airport, full of anticipation for the Land of Opportunity. The Korean Family was greeted by natives, the distant family friends who have lived in the U.S. for decades as Korean Americans. And like a beautiful fugue, the pattern repeated once again; the natives helped the immigrants to get settled in, and begin their lives in the new world.

Thus, Thanksgiving Day is doubly special for the Korean Family. We never miss celebrating it. We always get together as a family and reflect on how we have begun -- and succeeded! -- our decade-plus immigrant life in America. We are thankful for all the great things in our lives, but most of all, we are thankful to be in America. Like the Pilgrims who were grateful for their new lives and new opportunities, the Korean Family is grateful, each and every year, for our own new lives and opportunities.

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  1. Hear, hear! Thanks for the work on this site, and everyone take some time to remember what you are thankful for today.

  2. so beautiful! as my family dines on turkey, I'm teaching my middle school kids about Thanksgiving via The History Channel and Bart vs. Thanksgiving episode. Have a fabulous weekend in America for me!

  3. Great post! We're here in Korea missing family, but celebrated with turkey and all the trimmings none the less.

  4. Belated congratulations on your marriage. If you ever need marriage advice, I'm the guy to ask.

    My specialty is getting into trouble without knowing why I'm in trouble.

    I'm with you, Korean. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.

  5. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I spent all last week teaching my Korean students that every American, no matter their race or religion, celebrates Thanksgivng. It is also our favorite holiday (even though this year we had to settle for a chicken instead of a turkey).

  6. for someone who came in 1997, your writing grammar is excellent. welcome to america, 13 years ago!


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