Friday, February 12, 2010

Ask a Korean! News: Localization of iPhone

The iPhone arrived in Korea, and like everywhere else it is selling out like hotcakes. And as Koreans do, they found an ingenious new way to use iPhone, particularly during winter.

 Behold, Korea's ingenuity.

What the person is holding is a popular sausage snack in Korea. In order to use iPhone during winter, one needs to take off one's gloves to make sure the touch screen works. But some people in Korea discovered that the sausage actually works as a touchpad pen. According to an experiment conducted by a shopping website, other conductors such as tangerines, onions and batteries also worked with iPhone touch screen, but concluded that the sausage snack was the winner in the categories of accuracy, portability and multi-purpose use (as a snack.) The particular sausage snack featured in the picture enjoyed a 40 percent increase in sales in the last two months.

소시지와 아이폰이 만났을 때 무슨 일이? (Dong-A Ilbo)

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  1. I think this is the most awesome thing I've ever heard of. I knew those sausages were ubiquitous for a reason!

  2. So I shouldn't be embarrassed to ask Koreans, "Hey, is that a sausage in your pants, or do you own an iPhone?"

  3. I have been seeing those sausages at the GS25 down the street!!

  4. AAK - it might just be a simple grammar error, but the expression is "selling LIKE hotcakes." Just thought I'd let you know. I've read some of your posts in the past where you've talked about learning English and how it's difficult to know all the idioms.

  5. Actually it was just a typo, but thanks for pointing it out regardless!


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