Thursday, January 28, 2010

Koreans are world champions of text messaging.


  1. That's great and all, but I personally don't like the general obsession with technology. I see it around me every day, esp. in the younger generation (this is coming from a 24 year old... I sound like I'm 50 or something). It's killing genuine physical connection. I can't live without a cell phone myself because of the necessity, but I can't imagine staring into that screen texting away 24/7 (computers are the same way).

    Especially the comments at the end of the article were disturbing, as if they were implying that voice-to-voice and face-to-face communication are losing worth. Emotions get left behind with text.

    I think it's great how Korea and other developed countries have come such a long way with communications and have brought many benefits, but I just hope the essential part of human interaction doesn't become a thing of the past. I just imagine that people will become too lazy to try to see each other in person, even if they have the time and means.

    Really grumpy comment, I know. Just my thoughts. >_>

  2. What age do you think these young people will get RSI in their thumbs? Their joints are young now, but it's going to happen to a lot of them.

  3. Also, when telephones and email were introduced, a lot of people thought that these technologies would destroy the art of communication and cause everyone to become reclusive shut-ins. Texting, instant messaging, emailing, and telephoning all allowed us to reduce the number of times we *need* to see someone face-to-face. However, until we figure out how to change our basic neural wiring, or maybe when we start raising babies from birth in isolated incubators, people will still *want* to spend time physically together with their family and friends.

  4. I agree with the original poster (and you're not real grumpy, just realistic) - this isn't a record that, IMHO, is something Korea should be proud of. Texting is antithetical to human contact.

  5. CactusMcHarris, telephone was considered antithetical to human contact at a point. Now guess what? A phone call is considered very personal. So does an email, a text, a facebook wall entry, and a tweet(oh noes). Get with the program.

  6. I am currently away from almost all of my good friends including family, and I thank the heavens that stuff like internet and phones exist so I can at least keep in touch with them from afar.

    I am bemoaning the trend where people clutch their phones with them like a second skin, always checking and sending text messages. If you look at some of their faces, the expressions are blank and empty. (It reminds me of sci-fi depictions of robotic beings in the future...or a nightmare where emotion itself will be a precious commodity, haha.) I see no good in that. It would be better if they were at least doing voice calls as much.

    It's just considering the whole picture. More than ever before, the US (Europe?) and Asia are putting out new models and gadgets at light speed every day. People just gotta have it all. Materialism is far outdoing the desire to nurture relationships in the fundamental way. There isn't a balance.

    I really think technology is a wonderful thing. But only if it's taken seriously, and not becoming our best friend (master?), instead of our actual human friends. I'd like to see someone argue that televised commercials (in the 20-21st centuries) have helped us more than they've harmed. Heck, TV in general has replaced a lot of physical activity and real interaction.

    I am nobody to judge others for their habits, but I wouldn't feel comfortable if I were walking around with a friend who pays more attention to his/her phone than the physical presence beside him/her. Why would you spend time with someone if you are constantly thinking about someone/something else?

    I guess one's social disposition, just like everything else, is a state of mind. That's all. I hope I didn't get off-topic. :)


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