Friday, November 13, 2009

Two Korean restaurants in Sao Paolo are investigated for selling dog meat. End this oppression of cultural imperialism!


  1. According to this news piece (EFE News Agency):

    "According to the Public Security Department, the dogs were picked on the streets and fed for a few days before killed with axes."

  2. First: two people (who were not Koreans) were arrested for killing dogs and selling the meat to Korean restaurants. Second: they simply picked up ANY dog on the streets. Third: Brazilian laws FORBID the use of dog and cat meat. If Koreans really loved to eat that so much, they should protest to get the law changed. But I haven't met ONE single Korean in Brazil who admits to have ever eaten dog meat.

  3. Sorry, Korean guy, but when you are in another country, you must respect their laws.

    When in Korea, you can eat all the dog soup your little kimchi belly can handle.

    When abroad, respect their culture. Remembr you are the foreiegner (waegookin); not the other way around.


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