Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you Chan Ho. The Korean knew you would help the Dodgers. You are not quite forgiven for yesterday, but you are halfway there.


  1. It wasn't his fault. The first batter Chan Ho faced should have been thrown out instead of glancing off the fielder's glove. And if it wasn't for Utley's error, the run wouldn't have scored.

    Go Phillies!

  2. Yea, but the bunt by Belliard that got past Chan Ho... that was the big play that maybe The Korean was referring to, because if Chan Ho had picked up the bunt, Pierre wouldn't have reached second and thus harder for him to reach home even if Utley threw the same error.

    But that's a lot of IFs.

  3. Personally knowing of the AAK's antipathy for CHP, I am personally enlightened, entertained and enervated to be updated on CHP's status by a countryman of his.

    As a fan, I am glad anytime the Dodgers lose. Now if the Yankees would do so (in the seventh game, naturally), well, that would just be the cat's pajamas.


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