Monday, May 04, 2009

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Jobs!

AAK! is not just for learning about Korean/Korean American culture -- it is also your one-stop shop for beating the recession! Do you need a job? See the two questions below:

Dear Korean,

I'm looking for a Registered Process Server in Los Angeles County who speaks Korean. I've contacted some Korean Attorneys with no luck. Any ideas?


David Elliott
Executive Care Services
7095 Hollywood Blvd. #1270
Hollywood, Ca 90028
Office: 877-829-9813 Mobile: 323-855-2555 FAX: 877-321-3613

Dear Korean,

I am trying to find staff who are either- Koreans who understand/read English (knowledge of English mainly for communication purposes such as instructions/emails)- or people, who understand/knows how to type Koreanto work for me on a part-time/freelance basis to do data entry in Korean. I do not need any translation work done. Thus most translation job sites are not feasible for me. Do you have any ideas where/which sites I can go/visit to look for staff like this? I'll appreciate any help in regards to this. Thanks!


More job postings are welcome in the comments section.

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  1. Not relevant to the thread itself, but:

    I am astounded that your English is so impeccable, given that you immigrated at 16.5 years old. Please don't tell me you speak as eloquently as you write?

    There must be some serious, hitherto unreferenced, pre-immigration English exposure, I think! :)

  2. Well then, Choe BHSN. You can actually hear the Korean speak in this radio interview with the UCLA radio. Link You can decide on your own as to whether or not the Korean is eloquent or not :)

  3. Perfect fluency, theKorean. No accent at all. Again, I find it difficult to believe you immigrated in near-late teens.

    Now, if your spoken Korean is that good as well (and why wouldn't it, given how late you immigrated), you are going to hurtle me into a pit of inferiority complex! :)


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