Monday, April 27, 2009

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Korean Hangouts in LA

Dear Korean,

I’m planning an event in L.A. with hip, cool young adult Koreans in mind and was wondering if you can recommend any hot spots/areas that are favorites among them.

Jennifer G.

Dear Jennifer,

While the Korean misses Los Angeles with all his heart, he has been living in New York for the last six years. Therefore, any recommendation by the Korean for Korean hot spots in L.A. would be very dated. And once they are dated, they are no longer hot.

So let's hear it, Koreans in L.A. -- where do you hang out? Give some names of restaurants, bars, clubs, anywhere -- more specific, the better.

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  1. I think Orchid is cool, above the no-reh-bang, and offers a large space for plenty of people. More intimate is BLISS around 6th street, which has an outdoor area too. If you wanna go outside of k-town, then the list is endless...

  2. Maitreya, on 6th and alexandria?

    pretty new, has a open space thats good for crowds

  3. Okay...

    For coffee in the afternoon:

    1) Yellow House on near 3rd and Oxford.

    2) Koffea on 6th and Berendo.

    3) Loft on 6th and Oxford.

    For drinks (Il-Cha):

    1) Orchid is nice if you want traditional cocktails in ktown. It's on 6th and Oxford too. Lots of non-koreans come here.

    2) Crazy Hook on New Hampshire and Wilshire. Sometimes white hipsters come here. My dongsengs come here a lot.

    3) Blink on Wilshire and Alexandria.

    Clubbing (Yi-Cha):

    1) Le Cercle on Wilshire and 7th. Now has Hollywood promoters so a more Asian American and less Korean crowd. The old Le Prive morphed because they couldn't get their fire license renewed. Very Americanized. Not many fobs. Very young. Lots of underaged girls.

    2) Velvet Room on Wilshire and Normandie. A little older and a little more fobbyer. Much smaller than Le Cercle.

    3) Karnak on Wilshire and Berendo. Older than VR and more fobbyer. Age mix is 25 to 35. About the same size as VR.

    After Party (Sahm-Cha):

    1) White Noraebang on 6th and Kenmore.

    2) Chorus on 3rd and Western.

    3) Young Dong on 6th and Normandie.


    1) Bed

    2) My place... ;)

  4. The poppin place these days is "Gam" on 6th and Alexandria. It's on top of Bohemia.

  5. Yes, Gaam. It's owned by the owners of VR. Japanese yakitori restaurant with a airy "hollywood" vibe to it.

  6. You should do one for New York!

  7. Maitreya is on the small side, but it's a buy-a-drink kind of club rather than a "booking" club which is more typical in Koreatown.


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