Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ask a Korean! News: Overheard in New York

Chaperone to a Group of HS Students: "Hey look! We must be in Chinatown!"

- 32nd St. & 6th Ave.

Overheard by: The Korean Girlfriend

For those who do not live in New York, here is a picture of 32nd St. and 6th Ave.:


By the way, the Korean heartily recommends the real Overheard in New York site -- it is fantastic.

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  1. I love Korea town. Sadly, I don't go there as often as I like.

    To be vague but still get my question answered, it appears that you have deleted a post that came before this. I am wondering if it had anything to do with the Calderons and their daughter in Japan? I saw the short description in my feed and was curious if that was what it was about.

  2. Now that I've been living in Korea for about 3 months, I understand just how many of the things/people we Westerners see as Chinese or Japanese are actually Korean, and how frustrating this must be for Koreans.

  3. Haha, fail. :| I love Koreatown; I just wish it were bigger.

  4. Well, it get's downright offensive sometimes! Once I was watching the food channel and I saw an outdoor sushi making event that was being filmed specifically for the show. I thought, okay cool. They had girls dressed up as geishas, sumo wrestlers doing their thing in a makeshift ring and other Japanese props and icons with the camera aggressively panning in and out of shots. I was like, okay, they are trying to connect the food with the culture. Okay.

    However, I noticed something... in the background of all this sushi making, geisha dancing, Japanese kite flying and sumo wrestling was the freak'in Korean Friendship Bell Pavillion! WTF! Does the food channel realize how 1) offensive it is to Koreans 2) how ignorant it would make them look regarding Asian culture and 3) I don't think too many Japanese would be too jazzed about it either.

    BTW, the Korean Friendship Bell Pavillion was a gift to the Korean people to the U.S. and built in 1976 in San Pedro. It over looks the Pacific Ocean. It's a nice sized traditional KOREAN pavillion that houses a large bell that's a replica of one of the oldest known bells in Korea.

  5. I love 32nd Street.

    But I'm not all that surprised by the comment.

    Especially after directly hearing an AMERICAN girl ask me if I had ever been to the United States after I told her I was from Hawaii.


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