Monday, February 09, 2009

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Rec Soccer Leagues in Korea

Dear Korean,

I'm moving to Korea to be a English teacher in February. I'm interested in joining a club or rec soccer team, preferably one that might be more suited to someone who doesn't speak any Korean. Can you tell me how I can find information about joining one of these leagues?


Dear Jon,

The Korean does not know, but he bets his readers do. The Korean knows that there are many rec soccer and baseball leagues in Seoul, but he is not sure about any bilingual ones. If there is none, maybe this could be a good time to form one through AAK!

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  1. Here's one:

    And this might help:

  2. There are quite a few soccer/football leagues in Korea... even in the small cities. I live in Yeosu and though it's a small city there are 2 foreign teams here who play other Korean teams as well as foreigner teams from other cities! If there isn't one in your city... start one!


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