Saturday, January 03, 2009

Two interesting New York Times articles about Korea and Korean-Americans:

Economic downturn negatively affects plastic surgeons.

Description of a Korean-style hagwon in New York.


  1. I wonder if any the reluctance and apprehension I feel about increased pressure on young children simply is a result of feeling that I myself will be rendered obsolete, and that, as a result of increased fanaticism for producing students who are nothing less than exceptional will essentially eviscerate any strength or skill I have within me. And I guess this entire situation provides for an endlessly engaging discussion (argument?) on whether a person can be remarkable at everything or if particular expertise in one subject eventually diminishes one's intellectual flexibility. In short: will these kids go on to be specialist-savants or will they be 'renaissance children'? I suppose that either way or any way in between, it's these kids who stand to do well. So to poke at the article a bit, what is it I feel: regret or resentment? And do I have to choose?

  2. yeah I saw that first article and posted a blog entry about it. it seems like every time I read a Times article about Korea there are errors, whether factual or just kind of, well, like, that make you say WTF MATE.


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