Friday, October 17, 2008

The Korean fully agrees with Roboseyo's review on My Sassy Girl. The Korean cannot believe why or how that movie possibly succeeded.


  1. My Sassy Girl has got to be one of the most overrated films in the history of film. Never enjoyed the film, never bought into the plot, never understood all the critical and popular accolade, and never understood those who worship the movie as if it's the pinnacle of fine movie making.

  2. the movie totally mystifies me. I'm trying to think of another movie where the hype and the reality are so shockingly out of sync. . . Chicago comes to mind. Everybody orgasmed over the return of the musical, but I hated that movie so much I was depressed for a week after watching it. A clear contender for "worst best picture winner ever"

  3. Gentlemen,

    I don't know how big of a movie it was in Korea but I didn't think it was that bad. Maybe roboseyo disliked it so much because of the hype. You know, having a high expectation on a movie is the the sign you're not gonna like it. I, on the other hand, watched it without expecting much and knowing it was a chick flick. If this movie is that bad, then all romantic comedies are bad.

    Plus, I think the girl didn't treat the guy that bad. Yes he was a whiny little pu$$y, but I met girls like that before. Isn't it normal when the girl treats you bad specifically because she likes you? I think it's pretty normal, at least in young people.

    Another thing, she is amazingly hot.

  4. whoa whoa Robo, leave Chicago out of this. Worst Oscar winner is Rocky, followed closely by The Departed. There is no competition.

    ksoje, every time you speak of your dating life, something interesting comes up. Granted the Korean does think 90% of romantic comedy is crap, but there sometimes are good ones, e.g. Punch-Drunk Love or Love Actually.

  5. korean,

    I had an interesting life, what can I say? :)

    And, since we're on the subject, if you guys are into Korean cinema, you should watch "Oldboy". And no, nothing like what happens in this one has ever happened in my dating life. Thanks God.

  6. The Korean,

    Oh, Hell no!

    Rocky and The Departed are classics compared to Chicago and, far worse, Forest Gump, the movie that finally told the US that it is perfectly good, almost noble, to be a big f*cking retard...


    Rocky and The Departed are merely sub sui-generis pieces. Chicago was a posthumous validation of Mrs. Murpy's cow and Forest Gump was a movie by and for cows...

    Dang.. now I need a drink to calm down. ;-)

  7. On the flip side, D-War is by far the most underrated movie in the history of films.

    My favorite Korean film of all time that I feel is rather under-appreciated is Failan. Such a heartbreaker of a movie.

    I was truly kidding about D-War, BTW. I saw it on Sci-Fi the other day, and it embarrassed me to no end. To all Korean film makers out there, please refrain from throwing in Arirang whenever and wherever you see an opportunity. Please enjoy that tune responsibly. Thank you.

  8. You actually sat through an entire viewing of D-War?

    I guess what you do with your own time is none of my business?

    But it's just so horrible!

  9. I think if D-War were just a little bit worse, or took itself quite a bit less seriously, it might have made cult status next to movies like Evil Dead.

    Most underrated movies. . . that's a tough conversation to have, because so many underrated movies become overrated because people talk too much about how underrated they are.

    Finally...yeah. I'd forgotten that Forrest Gump won best picture, which is a crime, especially in the year Pulp Fiction was made. I re-watched Pulp Fiction last week. Who re-watches Forrest Gump?

  10. Success of this movie revealed one of the lowest points of social values: "a person abusing another person, or more generally, comminting a crime is acceptable when the offender is attractive."

    This is a very slippery slope to the next step: "if you're unattractive, everything you do is unacceptable."

    Now, all the craze about plastic surgeries start to make sense. If I can beat the shit out of a person and be welcomed by it, or if everyone thinks I'm wrong because I'm fat and ugly, I think I'd get a surgery or two, too.

  11. @roboseyo,

    in reply to your question, IMDb states that "Pulp Fiction" generated $36 million in rentals in the US, while "Forrest Gump" generated $156 million. So I think many more people (over 4 times more) re-watched "Forrest Gump" than "Pulp Fiction".

    Given the choice, I'd go with Tarantino's movie for the Oscar on that year, but I can't fault those who gave it to "Forrest Gump". Both were very enjoyable, much more than anything I've seen in 2008, for instance.

  12. Well, calvin, I'm not so sure that sort of extreme formulation would hold up under closer scrutiny. I mean, Choi Jinsil got the shit kicked out of her and instead of the outpouring of condolences you'd expect considering her status as Korea's Sweetheart, alot of folks -- men AND women -- blamed *her* for being the problem

  13. Yes, jw, but Choi Jinsil was a hideous beast because she was satanic enough to get divorced! OMG! Divorce! Never! And changing her kids' names to her own? Horror of horrors!

    So I think Calvin's onto something because 'beauty' is a far broader concept which is frequently quite ugly.

    And also perhaps this explains the popularity of "The Duchess."

    Fabulously made and extremely well acted. And it made me quite sick. And it's not the film's fault, per se, but what it portrays as being necessary for a woman's happiness.

    I imagine many in this country (and others, not to discriminate) will be able to sympathize with the condition of the main character. Men as well as women, I suppose.

  14. My Sassy Girl (Korean Version) was actually some pretty fun and very escapist entertainment. Frankly, I had fun watching Jeon twist the screws on his family jewels. And lots of Korean women enjoyed it for the same reason . . .the real problem was the last third when it left behind subversion of normative social dynamics for the totally normative sap of the typical romantic movie, only slightly less realistically portrayed.
    And finally, why oh why do the boys get to watch Jeon Ji-hyeon traipse beautifully across screen while we ladies are left with the lug? Where was *our* eye candy?

  15. Artic, yeah I mean, that only goes to show you physical beauty means very little when other values come in play, especially when everybody's getting their faces done anyway. It's just a movie is what I'm trying to say I guess.

  16. I don't think any movie compares to Showgirls. That crap vehicle of a movie cost me time and money. I ended up sitting through it thinking there's got to be some sort of redeeming value to it... but no. There wasn't.
    Even seeing Elizabeth Berkley naked wasn't titillating enough for any redemption value.

  17. I'm curious, when did the "gets drunk on one glass of liquor" cliche start? It seems to be in every drama now. It's a device to have an amusing drunk scene without the character actually being a drunk.


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