Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ask a Korean! News: Mr. Jeff Meyers, Winner of Hate The Korean Contest

The Korean's writing about expats reached a wider audience a few weeks ago, via Korea Herald. Whenever the wider audience is reached, however, the haterthon inevitably begins. After about two week's worth of hate mail, the Korean is proud to announce that Mr. Jeff Meyers, apparently from Australia, is the winner of the Hate The Korean contest!

Below is the winning piece:

From: Jeff Meyers ([email redacted]

Re: Your Korean Herald article

You are right when you say our "deeply held beliefs" do not apply to Korea . We believe people in all countries should not be rude , ignorant , smelly ,arrogant racists . In all countries around the world 95% of people are not .However , in Korea it is the opposite . 5% of people are wonderful and 95% are scum . Ask anyone , particularly in the service industry , outside Korea , who are the worst people to deal with ,and , most of the time,the answer is " no question , Koreans!"

Yes , our beliefs do not apply to this place , and , quite frankly us "lazy expats" couldn't give a fuck wot you say or wot you think , your opinions are irrelevant to us .

You just go back to living in your little dog box apartments , deluding yourselves how fantastic you all are and for the same price of one of your dog boxes , we will live like kings in our countries . HA!
There were indeed many worthy contestants, but no one could quite match Mr. Jeff Meyers' broadside allegations, made-up statistics, awkwardly interposing levels of swear words, and awful spelling and punctuations.

The Korean congratulates you Mr. Meyers. Now go shove it up your ass.

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  1. In fairness to Jeff Meyer, 96.2% of the expat population here are ignorant, rude racists just like him. It's just that most of them don't read the Herald.

    -- Anne X. Pat

  2. I've heard that it was more like 96.3%. :)

    In any case, this Aussie guppie is a moron.

  3. Hey! I didn't know you were running a contest! I would have sent something in.

  4. 95% of statistics on the internet are made up

  5. dont pick on poor mr. meyer, maybe he just had bad kimchi for breakfast ;)

    "quite frankly us "lazy expats" couldn't give a fuck wot you say or wot you think , your opinions are irrelevant to us" strange.. why is he writing to you then?

    @visviva and i am: the question of how many expats are rude, ignorant and racist, is a difficult one. living in korea for over 3 year i wouldnt dare to estimate the percentage. quite offten im surprised when one expat suddenly tells me how much he likes korea or another one despite his generaly good behaviour starts ranting about the 'fucking slant eyes'

    anybody care to do a survey?


  6. Funny, the most bile-driven social retard comments on ZenKimchi tend to come from Australian addresses. Now I have a name to attach to the fun.

  7. I can't stand people who type "wot."

    I am thankful, though, that blogs like AaKorean have siphoned off a lot of the losers in our community.

  8. Maybe I should tell people I come from New Zealand...

  9. Hopfully all Australian aren't like him... I met a lot of nice people in Australia..

    Most of them were Korean though.. hehe.

  10. >_< No, not all Australians are like this guy. *realises it's a very old entry, but felt the need to say something* Please don't let this one guy ruin your opinion of a lot of nice people. (Is an Australian-born-malaysian-chinese)


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