Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ask a Korean! News: Linklets for Oriental-Loving Spaniards

Turns out it's not just Spanish basketball team taking racist pictures. Spanish tennis team took a similar picture this year as well. Europe is a messed up place.

Great write-up on TrueHoop on this whole thing.

Jason Kidd thinks if Team USA pulled a stunt like that, there would be suspensions handed out by the NBA. No shit Jason. Way to put your Berkeley education into practice.

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  1. Well, true, as a child I might have found that funny, but as an adult it's at the very least puerile and offensive. Did they really think that no one of Asian ancestry would see that photo? I wonder how they would have reacted if the photographer had suggested that he get a picture of them as they jump off of a bridge?

    I dunno, sometimes I wonder about us humans....

  2. Some Spanish athletes went as far as changing their names and having plastic surgery done to their faces so they could mock the Chinese (and Asians in general) permanently!

    A Spanish table tennis player

    Another spaniard

  3. well done, ksoje, well done.

  4. You mock Kidd, but leave out his thesis, which is that the NBA has a double standard, and if Team USA had done this, the NBA would have been issuing penalties, but NBA players in Spain doing this draws no repercussions.

  5. feisty,

    You misread, although the Korean admits it was not particularly well-written. The Korean agrees with Kidd wholeheartedly; he meant to express that Kidd's point was too obvious.


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