Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New York Times describes the Korean's life from age 12 through 16.


  1. That kid in the middle has a Sonic Youth shirt on! You mean to tell me people in Korea listen to something other than K-Pop???


  2. interesting article, thanks for the link!

    are the entrance exams in any way field specific, i mean, do you have to pass the same kind of test irrespective of what course of studies you re aspiring?

    when i started studying physics in germany in the late 80s, it was the exit opposite: no entrance exam (just show your high school grades) , no tuition (!), nobody cared what we were doing, BUT, half the students dropped out during the first two years b/c they couldn t keep up with the pace or fell at the first big hurdle ('half-diploma'). call it an inefficient education system, but i still prefer it that way.

    In the end, Koreans, albeit at a high price, are doing just fine with their (inefficient) system.



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