Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Korean American gave up being a doctor and became a full-time blogger? You don't say...

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  1. Hey, Korean.

    I, too, am Korean American. Growing up, my being Korean meant that my parents had automatically expected me to apply to any of the medical schools in the United States that would accept me. That is until I came home from college one semester and showed them my pathetic grades in biology and chemistry, after which they lowered their expectations and urged me to become a pharmacist. I still recall the conversation, which went something like this:

    My Parents: Why don't you want to become a doctor?

    Me: Are you looking at my grades? I got a D in chemistry.

    My Parent: Can you become a pharmacist, then?

    Me: I got a D in chemistry.

    What a riot! Anyway, I always enjoy your blogs and gain a lot of insight. Keep 'em coming. I, too, have a blog of my own at http://centerofthecircle.blogspot.com/, so drop by anytime. It's nothing stimulating like yours, but hopefully you'll find it interesting.



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