Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dear readers,

could somebody help Melissa out?

Dear Korean,

My husband is considering a job in S. Korea. I was wondering if you could refer me to any websites that would help our family gain information and help make the transition and whole experience better. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


Trouble is, the Korean has no idea what kind of information is out there about this because, well, the Korean never needs it!

Please leave your input in the comment section. Thank you all.


  1. Try

  2. Melissa,

    also try out
    Mainly a database for internships, but maybe your husbands finds some company there …

  3. I've found many interesting things on Galbijim's Wiki. I am not sure how useful it is for someone considering coming here because I only started reading it after I've been here for a while, but maybe it is worth a look.

    The other things is to read the Korean blogs, but be careful because most people tend to point out what is wrong even thought they like the place.

    Then there is always Bomb English and SeoulPodcast that you can download and listen to. Seoul Survivors is nice and was the "predecessor" to Seoul Podcast

  4. For English teaching jobs, you my wanna try;

  5. Here's a couple of other foreign wives:
    Expatriate Games
    Gyopo Wife

    Also, once you find out what city you're living in, most of them have websites in both Korean and English.

  6. i live in busan and offers some good infos



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