Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interesting article about former president Roh Moo-Hyun in today's New York Times.

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  1. Good for him.

    I felt bad for him during his last few years b/c everything that went wrong in Korea was blamed on him.

    And many Koreans still have this shitty elitist mentality that Roh didn't deserve to be president b/c he didn't go to college, EVEN THOUGH HE PASSED THE BAR EXAM WITHOUT HAVING ATTENDED LAW SCHOOL!

    (FYI, the bar exam is extremely, extremely hard to pass in Korea...more so than the States.)

    Alot of people point to Roh for the apparent economic "crisis" that Korea is currently in. But walking around Seoul, there really isn't any kind of crisis - people are going about their business as usual.

    (Actually, much of this economic "crisis" was fabricated by the GNP, aka the Republicans of Korea and the three ultra-conservative daily newspapers: Chosun, Joongang, and Dong-a.)

    Now we have a certified liar in the Blue House right now. Let's see how badly he fucks shit up.

    (One of the men MB Lee respects the most is George W. Bush, so that should clarify everything right there.)


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