Friday, February 01, 2008

Ask A Korean! News: Super Bowl 2008

Super Bowl is once again here. As a person with sworn allegiance to all Los Angeles sports (except college sports -- according to the rules of sports fandom, the Korean must follow the college he attended,) the Korean demands to Commissioner Roger Goodell once again:

BRING AN NFL FRANCHISE TO LOS ANGELES!! An NFL franchise in Los Angeles would do a lot more good for spreading football to the world than 10,000 New England Patriots exhibition games in China. (The idea was canned in favor of an NFL game in London, but that muddy shitfest between Miami Dolphins and New York Giants did even less to spread football to the world.)

Ask A Korean! is a blog devoted to topics of culture and immigration, but as Will Leitch of said, Super Bowl is for sports tourists. So Ask A Korean! will make its annual foray into making a Super Bowl pick.

Now, New England is a prohibitive favorite of this match. They are 18-0, the perfect record fitting a team for the ages, with the glamourous quarterback who made it his mission to create a race of beautiful people for the future. On the other hand, New Jersey Giants look overmatched. Its star TE is injured for the season (the Korean was actually at the Giants stadium when Shockey went down), and its miraculous streak of 8 wins in a row in away games has to end at some point. Plus, its QB's defining moment of youth is going antique shopping with his mom.

However, the highly scientific guide of the Korean begs to differ. The Korean actually dreamt last night that Giants won the Super Bowl. The Korean was not even thinking about football as he went to sleep; he has no particular allegiance to the Giants, despite the fact that he currently lives only 20 minutes away from Meadowlands. This has to be a sign. The dream prominently featured the scoreboard, and that shall be the Korean's pick.

Giants 27, Patriots 20.

Let the hate mails begin.

Last year's pick: Colts 24, Bears 21
Last year's result: Colts 29, Bears 17

-EDIT: Feb. 4, 2008 8:24 a.m.- My goodness, what a game that was. The Korean loves it when he is right. Giants 17, Patriots 14.

-EDIT: Feb. 4, 2008 11:43 a.m.- Best reaction belongs to the Korean Father, with whom the Korean had this exchange before the game:

KF: Did you know today was the Super Bowl?
TK: Yes, I'm at a party to watch it.
KF: I'm watching it now too. Where is NE? Nebraska?

All the more reason to bring an NFL franchise to Los Angeles.

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  1. Congratulations man (on a fantastic prediction and an accurate dream, weird as that might sound). It was an amazing game, yes.


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