Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Korea has a new president for the next five years: New York Times article


  1. It's a sad day in Korea. President who could careless about moral ethics, as long as he can make few bucks!? First lady who can't even do simple interview without loosing trail of thoughts. I can't wait til how it all plays out for the next few years...

  2. hapa, this is no place for your political preference.

  3. calvin, my statement says nothing about my political preference.

  4. I'm only aware of president elect Lee through two lenses. One is positive, as mayor he restored the stream that runs through Seoul. I think that was a great idea and I hope to visit the stream when I'm there in a few days.

    The other is that he is a liar and is being investigated for some kind of fraud or corruption. (according to my wife)

    Make it three, he won in a landslide. So whatever he does the people asked for it. Also I'm fearful of his aggressive position towards N. Korea. And leery of conservatives in general.


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