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50 Most Influential K-Pop Artists Series Index

This is the index for 50 Most Influential K-Pop Artists Series.

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Criteria of Influence

Introduction & Brief History of K-Pop

Just Missed the Cut -- Part 1
Just Missed the Cut -- Part 2

Tier 4 - Notables
50.  Pipi Band/Pipi Longstocking [삐삐밴드/삐삐롱스타킹]
49.  Clazziquai Project [클래지콰이 프로젝트] 
48.  Dongmulwon [동물원, "Zoo"]
47.  Solid [솔리드]
46.  Deli Spice [델리 스파이스]
45.  Girls' Generation [소녀시대]
44.  Yoon Do-Hyeon [윤도현]
43.  Leessang [리쌍]
42.  Jang Yoon-Jeong [장윤정]
41.  Yoo Seung-Joon [유승준]
40.  Lee Seung-Cheol [이승철]
39.  Lee Mun-Se [이문세]
38.  Yoo Jae-Ha [유재하]
37.  Lee Sora [이소라]
35.  Tae Jin-A [태진아]
35.  Song Dae-Gwan [송대관]

Tier 3 - Strong Impact
34.  Dongbangshinki [동방신기]
33.  Kim Jong-Seo [김종서]
32.  Patti Kim [패티김]
31.  Kim Min-Gi [김민기]
30.  Sinawi [시나위]
29.  015B [공일오비]
28.  Deux [듀스]
27.  BoA [보아]
26.  Jaurim [자우림]
25.  Panic [패닉]
24.  Lee Seung-Hwan [이승환]
23.  Shin Seung-Hoon [신승훈]
22.  Kim Chu-Ja [김추자]
21.  Lee Seon-Hee [이선희]
20.  Crying Nut [크라잉넛]
19.  Kim Wan-Seon [김완선]
Tier 2 - Best of an Era
18.  Kim Hyeon-Sik [김현식]
17.  Kim Gwang-Seok [김광석]
16.  Jo Seong-Mo [조성모]
15.  Kim Geon-Mo [김건모]
14.  Park Jin-yeong [박진영] 
13.  Nah Hun-Ah [나훈아]
12.  Rain [비]
11.  Lee Hyo-ri [이효리]
10.  Drunken Tiger [드렁큰 타이거]

Tier 1 - Legends


  1. i hope Rain is on that list. all of america knows him as "the asian dude who is probably japanese cause he played two japanese guys in two american films that everybody has seen" but hes really awsome for even being known in america. and not just by screaming fangirls but also adults. though the movies were pretty crap....
    but still, hes the rep and the first, right?

    (ps: my screaming fangirl self is mad at putting DBSK so low. did you know they have the biggest fanclub in the world? THE WORLD. THE. WORLD. not just asia or just sk. they r in the guinness book of records (2009 i think) they r also the most photographed celebrity of having over 500,000 million pics taken etc (this includes tv appearances etc) in just 7 years. and also, this being the main reason: Jaejoong is freaking hot. jk jk. ok. im done. now i can breathe,

  2. I hope you'll add Jung Ji-hoon (Rain) on that list too~! ^^

  3. will you continue this project?:D

  4. Rain and DBSK are really not that influential. They didn't influence certain types and styles of music, and they weren't the first with their style of music either. On the other hand, someone like Seo Taeji will be high on this list (if it ever gets completed) because he essentially single handedly brought rap/hip-hop to Korea. Otherwise there probably wouldn't be any of your precious idols. Now THAT is what you would call influence.

    1. Although my fav kpop band of all time is TVXQ I don't think they changed the face of korea, but I definitely think Rain should be on the list. Being voted most influential person 'in the world' by Time magazine is enough for his credentials I think :P

  5. Just discovered this list while looking up Jaurim. I'm definitely going to have to listen to some of the other artists I'm not familiar with.

    Lee Jung Hyun, The Queen of Transformation, is definitely an extremely influential artist. She was always reinventing herself for every album and wasn't afraid to push the norms of Korea. I'll be interested to see if she makes it on this list. H.O.T. as well would rank higher on my list than DBSK. H.O.T. practically brought on the influx of idol groups that we see today.

    Seo Taiji, without a doubt, legendary.

  6. I'm wondering whether you'll put both Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mirae on this list.. Probably just Drunken Tiger.

  7. i wonder if the legend hyun chul not with the legends you dont know anything about korean music

  8. I love k-indie. What are your views on Loveholics? They might be that huge compared to other indie bands in korea but their music just breaks u apart!

  9. Drunken Tiger?? Yoon Mirae??

  10. I was expecting to see like Jiyong(G-Dragon) and BigBang or Super Junior or like 2ne1

  11. speaking of the next tier : Legends I think 신화 could make to the cut

    1. Shinhwa was a product of HOT's massive influence. HOT will likely be in the top ten.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. who will be in the legend tier? tiger JK? seo taiji? deulgukhwa? shin joong hyeon? lee sang eun?

  14. Hope 이적 makes the cut. Guy pretty much lives off his royalties considering his song gets played so much e.g. his 2집 album.

  15. I've been listening to K-Pop for 2 years, and I barely came across this list last year. And if it wasn't for this list, I still be listening to idols and all that. I know I've barely been listening to Korean music, but I think I can guess who's gonna be next: Cho Yong Pil, Sanullim, Deulgukhwa, Shin Jung Hyeon, Seo Taiji/Seo Taiji and Boys, and to certain extent H.O.T. Sorry if I guessed wrong. :P
    PS I also want to thank you. If it wast for your Top 50 list, I would've never known the greatness that is Yoo Jae Ha. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  16. I think 조덕배 should be here.


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